Ambassador Dan Turner from Highball Productions weighs in on what it takes to achieve your goals.

How do I keep motivated?

For me, the underlying thing that keeps me motivated and hungry to reach my goals is SUCCESS. 

Most of my big goals are kind of long term - meaning, there is going to be a bit of a journey to get there. Generally reaching that next level means you're going to be stretched both psychically and mentally, so don't sweat about failure. It's cool and part of the process

To make the bigger goals more achievable, try to create little goals on the way. Whether that's a rock project or a training goal, break it down.


For your project, maybe try and do all the moves on your project individually, then try to link sections together. Next, try to link overlapping sections together, so you can do every move into one another. This way you ensure that you learn all the body positions correctly. At the end of each session look back and see what you have learnt and accomplished.


If you are like me and have a full time job and other life commitments, you are probably not going to have enough time to keep to an all encompassing training plan. Therefore, make your train goals specific to what you want to achieve. There is no point being able to do a muscle-up for your slab project. Again, break down your training goals. For instance, say you want to do a one arm pull up. Break it up into sections, breaking the straight arm, pulling up through the shoulder, 90 to full lock. Each session work on a little element of the one armer and then try and put it together. Again, reward yourself when you can do each little section. 

I think by being able to measure continual little bits of success, you are able to keep a positive mindset and not get overwhelmed by the bigger goal. I also think it's kind of applicable to most of what live throws at you.

One thing is for sure, dream big. If you want it enough, you will figure it out and the world will align to help you out! Keep hungry!

~ Dan Turner

Dan Turner Monk Life (8B+) | PC: Unknown

Dan Turner Monk Life (8B+) | PC: Unknown