blurr ambassador Dan Turner climbs like a boss. Fuelled by seemingly endless motivation, this UK crusher is constantly getting out there and getting it done. He sends boulders like a teenage girl sends text messages: often. 

Dan recently took some time off of work to travel the U.S. in his van, bouldering in the desert, and avoid the rain. Dan lives at 100 miles an hour, occasionally messing up but always coming out on the other side with a funny story. 

"That pretty much describes my life and climbing, I would say I am pretty motivated in most things I do! Not loosing sight of why I started, and continue to climb, because it's so fun. Grade wise, to boulder V15, E9/10 trad and 9a sport would be one heck of an achievement for me." 

While work takes up most of Dan's time (luckily he has a job that he really enjoys) he still manages to get out and ride his BMX, surf and spend time with the Saz when he has the time. He also like to keep fit through running.  

blurr had the chance to chat with Dan an ask a few questions, and here is what he had to say -

Who is your hero? Tricky, to many hero's to list. If I had to say one it would be my granddad. What a legend!

Where is your favourite climbing spot? Yorkshire grit, but I have to say that... I am enjoying Joe's Valley right now.

Would you like to have longer reach or better hand strength? Haha, defiantly reach. I am five foot and a peanut with T-Rex arms.

What is your greatest accomplishment and your biggest defeat? Still been here at 25? Ha. Awe man I hate the 'defeat question' but hopefully I can lay that to rest when I go back to magic wood soon!

Dan's final words to the blurr team "Thanks for the support, really appreciate it. It's been great working with such a good company that makes awesome clothes."

We are happy here at blurr to have had Dan on the team for the past year.


Here’s an excerpt from the a recent interview Dan did with the Depot climbing centre in Leeds:

How And When Did You Start Climbing?

I started around 14 when a few friends, Tim Patty, Sam Duff and Chris Freeman took me to the Penrith Climbing wall. I got obsessed quick. That wall was mad, it was such an amazing scene and for such a small wall its crazy to think it created some WADS; Jungle, Dave Jones, Freemans who have all either climbed Font8B or Sport 8c.

Which Crags In The Early Days?

My early days were spent at the Bowderstone and Reecastle. I kind of grew up on the Bowderstone, it’s such an amazing boulder to progress through the grades. There are endless pointless possibilities to keep you entertained and wanting more.

What Inspires You? Where Does Your Motivation Come From?

Big walk ins, big boulders and big lines. I think I am naturally very motivated, it scares me that one day I might not be motivated, that day will suck.