"Out of the Shadows" | Bouldering in the Okanagan Valley of BC

Andy White, blurr ambassador, has yet again produced a beautiful film tribute that showcases the incredible bouldering in the Okanagan Valley of BC. The area is quickly becoming a prime destination on the North American bouldering scene. For many years, the sport climbing in the region has overshadowed the bouldering, but in recent years, the Okanagan's bouldering has stepped out of the shadows and into the limelight. 

Especially after Clayton's last film "The Fields", many people have now heard of The Boulderfields. However, "Out of the Shadows" highlights bouldering spots from throughout the Okanagan Valley and will definitely open peoples' eyes as to the region's quality. 

There is no doubt that the Okanagan is no longer a ‘future destination.’ The future is now.

We're excited to share the release of this film with you! Enjoy!