Roadtrip_blurr Ambassador Kevin Goradia

Kevin recently joined the other blurr ambassadors and we're very happy to have him on board.  Climber and soon to be gym owner, here are a few thoughts and photos through from him on a recent roadtrip...

Someone once told me that when you decide to open a climbing gym you will climb less than you have ever before. I laughed at the comment and said "we'll see." 1 year later I can say no statement has ever been truer, with that being said though I have tried to plan at least one small trip every month.

This month my girlfriend and I decided to head back to my old stomping grounds of California to get some surf and climbing in. We were greeted with 70 degree temps and great sandstone.I used to live in California when I was getting my degree so I made it a point to climb all the classics that I overlooked in my college days. Some of the classics were smooth criminal, mutants amok,and skin of my teeth. Each problem posed a unique crux but when climbing on sandstone I just seem to try a little harder.

I came away with some very memorable sends and had a blast revisiting old areas and discovering new ones. Hopefully these photos will leave you psyched! Next up is the Bay Area and Squamish. Thanks to blurr for proving me with clothes for the crag and the bar.