Ambassadors Vikki and Spenser from the RV Project

Vikki Glinskii and Spencer Tang-Smith, aka the RV Project, have recently joined our ambassador team here at blurr and psych is high all around. Already, this energentic duo is contributing photo, video and product ideas. The first of which you'll see become a reality in our fall '15 program.

Since stuffing their lives into a trailer over two and a half years ago, they've been travelling all over the continent and have never looked back. This dynamic duo is willing to put it all on the line for the experience. Both resourceful and unflappable they are the epitome of a power couple. Imagine Bonnie and Clyde, but with Canons instead of hand cannons. 

They rolled into Squamish mid June, but not before stoping in Kelowna to check out the Boulder fields, and to shoot the video above. Welcome to the team you guys, very happy to have you involved.