b unit athlete Jack Fieldhouse and the Rogue Pant

blurr ambassador Jack Fieldhouse has been on a spree lately developing acres of problems in a new area north of Squamish.  Jack's thoughts on the Rogue pant came through  the other day so we thought we'd share along with a few videos on Jack in the field in his Rogue's...

"I have had the honour of being an ambassador for Blurr over the last several years.  In this role, I’ve had the opportunity to try out most of the designs in Blurr’s men’s line each year.  I have many favourite pieces in the collections but if I had to choose only one Blurr design (heaven forbid…) it would have to be the Rogue pants. 

Jack's Rogues

The Rogues are built for movement, with articulated legs and a gusseted crotch that will not hang up when high-stepping or stemming.  They have an internal drawstring waist that allows for adjustment without compromising their fitted look.  I also love the hidden elastic cinch cords at the bottom of the legs that allow you to tighten them over a boot to keep out debris or push the leg up above the calf to keep you cool. The Rogues are built using a soft, light stretch-nylon, but they wear like cordura!  I have used the same pair of Rogues for the last four years for scrubbing and climbing new routes and boulder problems. I’ve established literally hundreds of climbs in this particular pair of pants and they show astonishingly little wear.  I am amazed by the durability of the Rogues’ fabric, as the kind of work I do destroys most pants in very short order.  If you’re looking for a great-looking, lightweight climbing pant that will perform and last like nothing else, look no further than the Rogues.

Jack Fieldhouse"