blurr Ambassador Jon Sedor

Jon Sedor recently joined the team and it's time you meet him.  Solid guy with a story to tell, a gold medal in the 2013 London Paraclimbing Cup to hang around his neck and a passion for the things we appreciate here at blurr - climbing, training and good product. Here's a bit about Jon....

Jon Sedor is originally from Cleveland, Ohio. He realized as a sophomore in high school that he loves to climb and draw/paint. However, in 2007 Jon lost his left hand (his dominant hand) in a serious accident. Jon underwent two amputations and three surgeries, but he never gave up on his dreams. He has since relearned to draw and live as a right-handed person. It wasn't until he met Kareemah, the founder of Adaptive Climbing Group, in 2013, that he began seriously climbing again as an amputee. Only four months after his return to climbing, Jon represented NYC Adaptive Climbing at the 2013 GoPro Mountain Games in Vail, Colorado. This was his first ever competition as an adaptive climber, and he placed second in the upper extremity category. By placing in the top three, Jon qualified to compete at the International Federation of Sport Climbing’s Paraclimbing Cup in London in September 2013. With the support of Paradox Sports, he was able to compete in his first international climbing competition, where he had the honor of taking home the gold in the male upper extremity amputee category. One day, Jon hopes to be the first arm amputee to boulder V10+ and to compete in able-bodied competitions!

Competing and climbing hard routes, despite being fun, are not Jon’s main focuses on and off the rock. He hopes to be a leader in the adaptive climbing community by encouraging other athletes with physical differences to push their own limits and achieve their own goals. It’s important to Jon to give back to a community that has given him so much. He knows that he would not be as accomplished without people like Ronnie Dickson, Kareemah, and Timmy O’Neil – it’s essential, in his opinion, to share the stoke and be encouraging to others regardless of ability. Besides climbing, Jon is a painter and illustrator that finished his MFA in NYC this past May.

We're happy you got in touch Jon and psyched to have you as a blurr ambassador!