Meet Spenser and Vikki ... and their RV! An interesting threesome hitting the road with their cameras and computers, climbing and filming along the way. The dynamic climbing duo is showing the world that, as a generation, we are quitting our jobs, going back to school, traveling, and generally asking “If not now, then when?” They will make changes in this world, but aren’t yet sure of how they’re going to do that quite yet. So while they are young enough and fortunate enough, they are taking some time off to follow their dreams! 

Spenser wants to see America, meet new people, and climb while he can. Unsure of what the rest of life has in store for him, he is sure of where he wants to be and what he wants to be doing right now. Travelling from coast to coast enjoying the always confusing life of a 20 something, he balances his love of climbing with his interests in cooking, reading, video editing, drinking coffee, and his love of whiskey.  

Vikki was born in Ukraine, she spent her childhood in Missouri with her family before heading to San Diego for high school, then onto college at Berkeley. After living in San Fran following graduation, and working in an interesting but time (and mind) consuming job, in organ donation, Vikki is now done with California and is ready to explore, and meet as many people as she can. Sit of sitting in an office she is taking the time in her mid 20s to climb while climbing is good, so to speak, and still manages to do a little donor-organ matching work while on the road, as well as applying to business school.