staci white

Staci's obsession with climbing started 6 years ago when she first laid eyes on the granite boulders in Bishop, CA. 

"I remember gazing up at these massive stones and putting the puzzle pieces together as I worked my way up. Bouldering gives me a sense of being that I have never found in any other sport. It's one of the only times in a day that I am completely focused on only one thing - one move at a time."

Staci has been fortunate to be able to travel to some amazing places and explore new bouldering areas, and test herself on new rock. She feels even more fortunate to have a growing boulder field in her own backyard, Kelowna, B.C.

Being able to pump out new lines every session, and pushing her limits on newly established lines has been changing her game. Staci has been able to send some of her hardest sends on the local boulders, and she is psyched to keep pushing! 

"Ultimately, my goal in climbing is to test my limits, and if I can say I've climbed my way up a V9, I'd be pretty stoked. Grades aside, my goals always include exploring and finding new rock, as well as encouraging more people to get outside into our beautiful playground. Happy climbing, see you on the rock!"