We were fortunate to contribute to the re-imagination of a great Canadian brand with tremendous history and a loyal following. The Tilley project was all encompassing, spanning initial conceptualization, line planning, design, development and on to finished production goods.


Tilley Endurables captured their legions of loyal followers with high quality Canadian made travel and adventure product that had clever feature set and well-chosen materials. There was no need to deviate from this philosophy, only conceptualize progressive collections of apparel that provide technical lifestyle and outdoor product relevant to the way people travel and enjoy themselves outside today.


Our team lead the design and development of a range of the Tilley line with the intention of broadening the brand message from travel, to include more technical outdoor products and stories. Through the development of 3 seasons and close to 100 styles, we put forward a collection of apparel that was true to the origins of the brand and product history, but was presented in the context of the modern traveller.

tilley mens T detail 2.jpg