Jon sedor


Jon Sedor began climbing when he was a sophomore in high school. In May of 2007, during his last week of high school, he had a serious accident that left him an amputee. Jon underwent a total of three surgeries, including two amputations leaving him without his dominant left hand. Despite these challenges he never considered giving up on his dreams.

12 weeks later, Jon went on to college in upstate New York to pursue art as his career. He is proud to say that he has received his MFA from the school of Visual Arts in May of 2014, becoming an illustrator and painter despite switching to his less dominant hand only 7 years ago. 

Two years ago Jon began climbing again as an amputee, and currently does not climb regularly with a prosthetic. Jon is in the process of designing a climbing device that will allow other amputees to pursue climbing as well. Jon's personal goals are to be the strongest upper-extremity climber in the world, as well as to send routes never thought to be possible for an arm amputee. Although competing and climbing hard routes are fun for Jon, they are not his only focus on and off of the rock. He wishes to help develop areas around his home state of Ohio, and to become a leader in the paraclimbing community. Jon will continue to bring awareness to society and to other adaptive athletes, showing that climbing is possible for anyone to pursue and, more importantly, that disability is a mind state.