Ben freeman

Born and bred in the Lakes, Ben started climbing at a small wall in Penrith, which would go on to produce some great climbers. He then went on to repeat the majority of the lakes hard bouldering. Now a resident of Manchester, working full time as a civil engineer, Ben uses his weekends to full advantage taking on UK test prices in fine fashion. He also uses his limited holiday to travel to some of world's best bouldering venues including Rocklands, Joe's Valley and Ticino.

We caught up with Ben to ask him some questions.

The small town of Penrith in northern England has produced some impressive climbers, how was it growing up as a climber there?

Having a close group of motivated people to climb with, as well a choice of top quality crags was perfect for starting out climbing. Things were never too serious, and climbing at Penrith wall on a Wednesday lunchtime soon evolved into getting out into the lakes with whoever had just started driving 

So you are an identical twin, your brother can probably be described as the UK dark horse of sport climbing. You must have some funny stories of people getting you two confused?

Yes, it happens. Getting a couple minutes into conversions with somebody that thinks I’m Jon Is kinda tough, but I'll do my best not to blank anybody that thinks they recognise me. That soon changes if I'm seen out sport climbing though!

So you recently move to Manchester, how is that working out for you?

Manchester has been a good change so far, although its hard not to miss being in the lakes on a good day. 

You work full time, how do you juggle work and climbing?

I do my best. I’ll try and get out most weekends when the weather permits. Keeping motivated to climb mid week after a long day at work is sometimes tough, but I think I'd burn out if I climbed full time

Would you rather be attacked by a horse-sized ducks or hundreds of duck-sized horses?

A hundred duck-sized horses. Less bitey