Audrey started climbing almost 22 years ago in University, and has balanced both climbing and working as a full-time corporate software engineer since 1995. Progressing from a recreational climber to a World Cup competitor, Audrey represents the US National Team for bouldering and sport climbing, and has been training since 2003. 

She has had multiple female first ascents, with routes such as Dr. Evil (5.14a) and Lost Horizons (5.14b) in North Bend, Washington and Horseless Samarai (5.12d) in Vietnam. On her long list of achievements she includes many outdoor V9 boulder problems, summiting Kilimanjaro, ice climbing in the Changpin Valley of Western China, and bagging a few classic North Cascades summits such as the Complete North Ridge of Mt. Stuart.

In addition to waking up early to climb before work at her demanding corporate job, Audrey provides slideshows, clinics and training for climbing gyms and events.

Audrey works hard and climbs harder, check out the video below that Audrey and photographer Luke Humphrey put together to talk about this tenuous balance. This video started out as an experiment/test project for Luke , then people wanted to hear more about the story of how Audrey manages balancing work and climbing. The footage was used as a way to capture the essence of that experience. It shows that at any age, if you really want something, you will find a way to make it happen no matter the odds.

I thrive under high stress so it makes sense that I find the challenge of balancing training and climbing with a corporate career job, satisfying. There is a lot of creativity, hard work and sacrifice that goes into my achievements and this story wouldn’t be possible without the support of many people along the way.

blurr has been a long time supporter of my climbing ambitions and I love their products for their simple, pure designs, performance while climbing, style and fit. In this video, I’m wearing the Dash Capri.