Our Stonz program is a fulfilling project with a company founded on innovative and purposeful product solutions to get kids enjoying themselves outside. We’re fortunate to contribute on existing product and develop new and innovative apparel programs to help support the tremendous hunger the market has for Stonz product.


From inception through sales samples and onto finished production goods, our team has developed an innovative and safe collection for children while considering the fit and practical ease in mind. We completely reached into a new market aspect to construct the collection, including innovative fabric testing and graphic development.


Kids need fun stuff, parents need to know that fun stuff will work as intended, isn’t harmful in any way and will last, and retailers need to know product is differentiated from the rest of the market offering…a challenging set of circumstances to satisfy. Our desire to collectively make this happen with Stonz has resulted in the first program, innovative kids UV apparel, being adopted by both REI and MEC for the launch season.